Drone Flying for the Recreational Pilot

Drone Flying for the Recreational Pilot
Photo by Jason Blackeye / Unsplash


Held on Monday  March 28th at the Creative Arts Technology Center (9404 Ed Robson Blvd, Denton, TX 76207) Room 104 starting at 7:00 PM

Total in Attendance = 11

Total Current Membership = 30

Meeting Topic was ”Drone Flying for the Recreational Pilot”.

Steve Simpson (Club Officer and Robson Resident) Presented on All Aspects of Owning a Personal Drone from Determining Your Purpose…Drone Model Selection and Flying Safely at Robson Ranch

Our Agenda included Purpose (What is my Purpose for Flying a Drone) …Budget (Video Review of Good Better and Best Drones)…Recommendations  (Pro and Con for the Good Better and Best Drones)…FAA (Review from FAA for Basic Rules of Flying a Drone)… Locations (Where a Recreational Drone Pilot can Start to Safely Learn to Fly… Mentors (Where to find On Line Ground Schools | YouTube Videos as well how to Reach out to our Club for Assistance) and Wrap Up (Questions with Answers)

Attendee Discussion Feedback included…For someone new to flying a drone which one do you personally recommend and why….What if I travel to another State Can I still Fly My DroneWhere are the best shopping sites for purchasing a new drone and Can I fly my drone over people and If I create Videos of my Drone Images or Videos can I legally post them on YouTube.

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Drone Flying for the Recreational Pilot
“Drone Flying for the Recreational Pilot” RR Steve Simpson, Host RR Drone Club Monday March 28th, 2022 Robson Ranch Clubhouse

Any Questions Contact Steve Simpson @817-919-1065 or steve@groundandaerialmedia.co

Our Next Drone Club Meeting is scheduled for Monday April 25th and if weather permitting we will have a “Drone Fly In | Photo Contest”

This General Meeting Session is Open to Anyone at Robson Ranch.

We hope to see you then!