About Robson Ranch Tech Club

Robson Ranch,TX Technology Club was formed in 2016 by Steve Simpson and Paul Marriott as the new "Computer Club".  After several meetings we found we were focusing on more than just PCs and Mac computers, so club was renamed "Robson Ranch Technology Club" (around  March 2018).  Then in mid 2021 we spun off a "Drone" Special Interest Group (SIG) which later became the "Robson Ranch Drone Club".  While this club has its own separate membership, it remains closely tied to the technology club through its leadership and members who belong to both clubs.

Club Purpose

We aim to provide members with a forum for discussion of any current technology from computers (both Window's based PC's and Macs), tablets, phones, home media, home automation, etc.  While we have a whole gambit of experience and knowledge within the group from novice to expert.  However, we do not pretend to be the final authority on any technical subject.  To that end we do not offer any form of training or expert problem solving advice, but can usually point you in the right direction or at least offer an educated opinion.

Club Membership

Membership of both the Technology Club and Drone club are open to any Robson Ranch, Texas resident or property owner.  Check the "Join" tab if you would like to join either or both clubs, and provide your email address.  We use the groups.io service to as a communication tool for members to provide membership maintenance, event/meeting notification, group discussion and communication, etc .

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