"Flying in Cold Weather"

"Flying in Cold Weather"
Steve Simpson (President Left Front) and Dennis Brooks (Right Front) with Early Attendees

The Drone Club at Robson Ranch Denton met on 26 February 2024 in Room 104 of the Creative Arts and Technology Center (CATC) from 7 to 8 PM to discuss "Flying in Cold Weather".  Of course being Texas, it was a 90 degree day.  The presentation images showing snow and below freezing temperatures were from this January and February of previous four years.

Presentor Video

    We had new comers and shared a lot of general information, during the presentation.  Dennis covered personal dress and equipment issues that are important when flying in cold weather.  Several examples were presented including cold with snow, cold with sleet, cold with bare ground and the effects of wind combined with cold.  Dennis is one of the more extreme flyers and several times reiterated "do as I say, not as I did as presented"!  Examples of conditions that required drone replacement and in one case personal injury demonstrated some of the results from flying beyond the limits of the drone and pilot in cold weather.

Our club has no dues and meetings are open to anyone with an interest.  You do not have to own a drone to attend.  Dennis Brooks is also the mentor for new pilots, helping them get into the air safely and legally here at Robson.
    To learn more about the Drone Club, please visit out website,:  http://www.robsontech.club/tag/drone

Our next meeting will be the fourth Monday in March, the 25th at 7 PM in room 104 of the CATC.  Resident Mike Montefusco will give a presentation on the gyrocopter he built and flies, along with information and history of gyrocopters.

Mike's Gryocopter 

If you have any questions contact Steve Simpson (Club President) at 817-919-1065 or steve@groundandaerialmedia.co