“CUT THE CABLE…you can do it”!

“CUT THE CABLE…you can do it”!
Cut the Cable

By Steve Simpson, Club Officer

The Tech Club meets the Second Monday Evening of each month from 7 to 8 PM in Room 104 at the Creative Arts Technology Center. We have No Dues and Attendance is Open for any Robson Resident who is interested in anything that is Tech Relatedregardless of what they own or understand but have a desire to learn more about.  We establish our membership in Groups.io at https://rrtxtech.groups.io/g/main and our Website is https://robsontech.club/

Early Attendees

Our June 12th Meeting Topic was “CUT THE CABLE…you can do it!

This meeting was both a Presentation of How to Save on the Entertainment Bill by Cutting the Cable as well as Questions and Answers during the entire Presentation.

Full House of Attendees

We had a Full Room of Robson Attendees who had many questions about the following Major Topics that Included What is the Best Way to Start the Process of Cutting the Cable | Which Streaming Device is Best for Ease of Use | How Can I Receive Local Affiliate Stations | Do I Need a Streaming Device if My TV has Built In Apps?

CUT THE CABLE… You Can Do It! Steve Simpson, Host Robson Tech Club Monday June 12th, 2023

Our next General Session is on July 10th, 2023, and we will be featuring “Robson Ranch July 4thParade Images…Premier of the Music YouTube of the Parade”!

We hope to see everyone then.